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My name is Kathy Lipp, together with my husband, Gerhard, I have been helping our valued customers to become healthy and maintain healthy lives for over 20 years. Our focus has always been to help you get well and stay well NATURALLY.

Please give me a chance to help you be all that you can be by treating your body like the Temple that it is.

I welcome you to drop into my shop and I will customize a program that is tailored to your individual needs and goals.
Keep well and remember that every day is a fresh start on staying healthy.

About Kathy

My name is Kathy Lipp and I am a Doctor of Naturopathy from (the) Naturopathy International Institute Of Original Medicine, IIOM. I am also the president of Betterhealth Bermuda and I want to thank you for coming to my store today.

I have always been passionate about health and fitness. Since a very young age, I have always been very interested in reading and researching fitness and nutrition. I quickly became the go-to fitness and nutrition expert for my friends and family, which was a position and responsibility I enjoyed and cherished. My studies also helped me to take control of my own health and fitness. This has shown me how much potential I can have to change things in my own life in order to become a happier person, to find meaning and purpose, and to make a difference!

Opening my own nutrition business had always been a dream of mine. This dream became reality in 2008 when I started my successful nutrition business in town. ‘Better Health’ is located in a brand new building with a gym and a yoga center right next to it. My store brings in high-end nutritional products and I think this is essential to make sure my clients get the best products available on the market. Better health has become known for the unrivaled commitment to quality products, solid medical research, high-quality customer service and a dedicated response to clients’ needs. I also have a smoothie and juice counter on which my husband and I prepare healthy nutritional shakes for our clients.

As for women’s health Betterhealth sells wellness products based on years of experience with women suffering from symptoms of PMS, menopause and per menopause. My credo is “Balance Your Hormones. Balance Your Life.” Better Health sells an all-natural bio-identical hormone crème with red Clover which active ingredients balance women’s hormones. We also provide a Pro-Men Prostate cream which helps…. Better Health also has beautiful skin products, shampoos, and pure essential oils.

The aim of ND (…) is not only to control symptoms of a disease but to address and treat the true causes of it. It will focus on overall health through preventive medicine and improvement of lifestyle by addressing physical symptoms as well as mental well-being. The primary goal of ND is to recognize and encourage the inherent self-healing power of the individual. It places great importance on patient education, encouraging patients to take control of their own health.

Dr. Schulzes recognizes that there are 5 Fundamentals that cause the vast majority of disease, and when addressed, these same 5 powerful Fundamentals build extremely powerful, life-changing health, and literally created healing miracles. Basically the fundamentals are: Step #1 NUTRITION, Step #2 ELIMINATE, Step #3 IMMUNE, Step #4 DETOX, Step #5 SPECIFICS. So you get powerful NUTRITION IN, get the toxic WASTE OUT, supercharge your IMMUNE ability, flush and DETOX poisons from your body, and treat SPECIFIC problems before they turn into worse problems.  That’s it! 5 simple steps, that when followed, will solve almost every health issue, give you tremendous energy, and better yet, build powerful lasting health.

For those who want to achieve their maximum health, I welcome them to schedule a One on One 1hr nutrition consultation which is by appointment only.  During the consultation, we will discuss your health goals, take a careful look at your health history, your diet, and your past and present lifestyle. I will look for obvious signs of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body which can then be tackled through a very targeted approach to nutrition. We will assess the level of support you will need in order to achieve your health goals, get to the root cause of your health issues, increase your energy levels and put you firmly back on the track to health.

I am so passionate about my business for there is not a day goes by that I have not changed a person’s life to good health and weight loss!

Kathy Lipp ND

Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine
Naturopathy International Institute Of Original Medicine, IIOM.

Better Health Bermuda
Phone: 441.292.4505